Their Deeds Shame the Devils in Hell


If you’ve got the stomach to read the news from Ireland these days, you can click here and do so:

Opinion: Mass grave ‘filled to the brim with tiny bones and skulls’ shows how we cherish children.

Their deeds shame the devils of hell. Twisted Catholicism. When religion is spread by the power of laying guilt on others so some remain in total control. And the nuns TODAY, NOW, RIGHT NOW, see no reason to compensate survivors or families… “Hey! If you survived that’s your compensation!”


There are no words for the lack of any sense of shame on the part of these religious orders and zero sense of accountability.  This is going on in Ireland in a very dramatic show down between those harmed and their families vs the nuns who couldn’t care less.  They are beyond all that.  Much the same as the LCWR is toward victims of abuse by its member communities’ sisters.  They are beyond responding to this.  To do so would sully their pious reputation among their blind supporters, and would cast a bit of mud on their ridicule of hierarchy.


What creates this kind of compartmentalization of conscience?  It’s got to have some survival benefit to be so strong in the religious and clergy.  How does hypocrisy rationalize itself when cloaked in religious life that preaches to others about social justice and how to live by some Catholic moral code?    It has got to have some benefit or the Church would not be in the kind of state it is in right now, and we would not be finding tanks of dead babies in Irish convent gardens.


What is the price of power?  At what cost did one emerge from the bog to clerical heights, or from a poor neighborhood or family in the States to teach our young in Catholic schools?  Was the cost integrity?  Was it mental illness with a religious uniform?  Was it the cost of one’s soul?  What kind of families, what kind of parents sent their kids off to religious life and priesthood without a conscience, and what kind of superiors never noticed the lack of conscience in their predatory, and cruel novices and professed members?  What is the price of twisted Catholicism and its perks?


The price of trusting them is innocence, and sometimes mental stability, and all too often, at the end of the day, one’s Faith, and even one’s life if healing is not found.  When is the price too high?  When is it high enough for the Vatican to crack down on their sickos, both priests and nuns, and force them to step up to the plate and do right by their victims?


I honestly have never believed that pedophiles should be in civil jails with general population.  I think an island with an electric fence is fine, just because they are sick and we have hospitals for sick criminals.   But the superiors of these religious orders need to be jailed.


Just my opinion, as the stomach turns over these dead babies, and the many more to be discovered, and all those who’ve died with their wounds never healed.  Jail is fine for those superiors.

Hell is empty




~ by caitfinnegan on June 2, 2014.

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