Why is There No Outrage Over Nuns Who Abuse Children and Youth?


On May 15th, Brian Roewe of The National Catholic Reporter writes:

“An open letter to the pope has asked for an apology to U.S. women religious and an intervention on their behalf in their ongoing reform discussions with the Vatican’s doctrinal congregation.,,”

Not one Catholic, liberal or conservative, is demanding the nuns apologize to the victims of sexual abuse by their members. Why do Catholics choose to believe all the sin is on the male clergy, and none on the female religious. Denial is hurting the victims and the LCWR do not seem to care.  Victims suffer a lifetime, some commit suicide.  Where is the outrage?

Read it and barf:


Dear Pope Francis     

We write with respect and gratitude for your extraordinary leadership in our Church.

Sadly, we also write with concern and dismay at the behavior that Cardinal Gerhard Müller recently exhibited toward women leaders of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) and especially toward Dr. Elizabeth Johnson CSJ. 

Cardinal Müller’s preemptive public criticism of LCWR leadership and Dr. Johnson, one of the most beloved and respected theologians in the world, eclipsed any opportunity for public dialogue. 

This communicates that faithful Catholic female leaders are disrespected and discounted in our Church.

On numerous occasions you have expressed a desire to expand leadership opportunities for women.  We respectfully suggest that the place to begin is to listen to faithful women who are already exercising leadership. 

We ask you to personally intervene with Cardinal Müller and Archbishop Sartain and remove the unjust mandates imposed on LCWR over two years ago. 

In addition, a public apology to Dr. Johnson and LCWR leadership would speak volumes about the institutional Church’s intent to truly listen to women and honor their voices. 

In closing, we express our love and solidarity with you as together we joyfully proclaim the rich diversity revealed in the Good News of Jesus Christ, a message ever ancient yet ever new.

Sincerely yours,

The Nun Justice Project
American Catholic Council
Association of Roman Catholic Womenpriests 
Catholics Speak Out / Quixote Center
Call To Action
Federation of Christian Ministries/RCFCC 
National Coalition of American Nuns
New Ways Ministry
Pax Christi Maine
Roman Catholic Womenpriests – USA
Southeastern Pennsylvania Women’s Ordination Conference
Voice of the Faithful
Women’s Ordination Conference






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