The Poor Sisters

The poor sisters are under attack by the Vatican.  The NY Times is crying for them, the poor dears, and you can read it by clicking here.

I was going to cry for them too, but, uh, on second thought NO.  They are playing this up and still ignoring their victims.

My response to the NY Times

Ever wonder if the pope may know more than you do about the nuns? Just a thought.

Everyone has the nuns held up as saints and angels. Anyone notice they have been deafeningly silent on the issue of abuse in the Church? There are reasons for that. According to a study commissioned by the sisters 40% of their own membership admitted to being sexually abused before or after entering the convent. Abuse needs to be dealt with, not just run away from, and if it is dealt with about 30% of victims still repeat the abusive cycle. 70% do not–if it is dealt with. So, the silence about abuse? Do the math. When the LCWR grow up and act like responsible leaders (note how they ridicule the mishandling of this by the bishops) and work with victims’ groups, and help in the healing process with victim/survivors then they might be a bit more respected for actually being mature women and honest, and not just highly educated academics and social workers who are ignoring their own victims. Just do the math.


Sure, I know, I am being repetitious and boring.  But suck it up, the victims are carrying a bigger cross.  If folks care, they will contact the NY Times, and other papers covering the recent news about the Vatican and the LCRW.  Contact SNAP and offer support and donations if you can…  Do something, if you care, and if you’d like to assure that the unresolved rage of previous sexual abuse of sisters is not passed on to others, to children and youth in any form.  It can be a purged Church, if the faithful really want it.



~ by caitfinnegan on May 11, 2014.

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