Shh! It Couldn’t Be True!

Everybody’s pissed, it seems, that the LCWR just got taken down a peg by the Vatican..AGAIN, that the Vatican dared to criticize the good sisters!  Nobody cares much when the good sisters pose as prophets of our day and criticize the hierarchy.  Life is funny that way!  I’m not pissed about it.  Some of my liberal Roman Catholic friends or those who sympathize with them are very annoyed that I continuously write about the moral hypocrisy of the LCWR.  I don’t care though.  They obviously were not raped, or had their parents, siblings, or children raped enough to care about the issue of sexual abuse by nuns being ignored by their leadership–those supposedly touting social justice, etc.  IMO, the LCWR are every bit as hypocritical as many of the bishops have been regarding sexual abuse of minors by people in their ranks.  Worse!  LCWR has the bishops’ history to use as examples of what NOT to do.  They just ignore that example, repeating the same arrogant stand, because, after all, they are the good sisters, and NOBODY suspects them of hiding criminals and sick women in their ranks.  That makes them as deliberate as the bishops and so, worse after all these years of horrible examples of what not to do!


Tikkun Daily Blog, associated with the Network of Spiritual Progressives, covered this last August…Nuns Who Commit Sexual Abuse and the Annexation of Mercy.  Yet liberal Catholics refuse to hold their liberal “sisters” to the same standards to which they hold the bishops.  Strange agenda all around!  I wrote to Pope Francis begging him to hold the LCWR accountable for ignoring victims of sexual abuse by nuns when SNAP continuously tried to engage them.  I begged Mother Clare Millea and Cardinal Rodé at the Vatican to do the same during the Apostolic Visitation of the American Nuns.  I was assured they would.  I doubt very much they did because if they did they are being ignored, as are victims of sexual abuse.  Maybe sexual abuse was not as important as obedience to Rome.  There’s a novel thought.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t much care about the internal politics (and THAT is what much of this shite is about, nuns vs male clergy–I remember it from when I was a novice myself) of the RC world.  I care about victims (some of whom kill themselves or live a drunken life numb to their pain–or, worse yet, those who go on to commit the same soul-murder as their abusers) being ignored and thus treated as though the good name of nuns is more important than attending to this issue.  I was just chastised myself yesterday for naming my own abuser, on this blog, after she died cause golly gee that’s just wrong because she’s not around to defend herself! (BTW She was named 20+ yrs ago and ever since, but laity cannot deal with the vestal virgins being called on this, read out, as it were!)  HA!  Forgive me for LMAO at such a “thick” but obviously his loved ones were not raped nearly enough for him to “get it!”  NOTHING will inspire me as much to continue harping as those who will defend the nuns despite the suffering of victims of their sexual abuse.  NOTHING!  My previous blog was clear that I believe sexual abusers are sick bastards, and victims themselves.  I’ve spelled that out in various ways, based on the findings of the commissioned study of sexually abused nuns.  Abusers are sick, and often were themselves abused. That is NOT an excuse, it is a reason that explains why some do what they do to harm others.  THEY are not my only, or even my greatest concern, and I speak as a person who has lived through all the victimization associated with them.   My greater concern is the monsters who ignore, defend, and thus protect those they refuse to believe are guilty.  THEY are the ultimate abusive population in the Church (or anywhere this happens), and they inspire me to never shut up about this.  Not holding abusers accountable for their acts encourages and enables them.

My abuser, I pray, has met her maker this past weekend after dying suddenly, and discovered what being loved is all about.  It will have been, I am sure, a total shock.  I’ve been at peace with all this for quite some time, having done enough inner work for many years to filter through what is important to me about all this, and what keeps my spiritual and mental health intact.  I reject vengeance and I do not believe God sends anyone to hell, especially those poor sick bastards who’ve lived in it during earthly life in any of so many ways.  My God is Love–Love Almighty, and so that’s not the issue for me either–waiting and hoping to see abusers punished by God!  My agenda is about healing both victims and abusers (who themselves where frequently victims as well). THAT is how we create heaven here on earth…how we respond to Christ’s prayer “Your kingdom come…Your Will be done on Earth as in heaven…”   The LCWR needs to take this bull by the horn and shut up about the bishops and clergy who’ve abused kids and vulnerable adults causing a sex scandal in Catholicism.   The LCWR needs to address their own scandal and get some real humility in this matter and give up the nunny-bunny sweet arrogance they put out there to dupe the world.  Strong women are healers.  Strong women admit their wrong and acknowledge what needs to be done, and do it.  There are too many abuse victims (40% of their population) in the convents to get this done–or so it seems until they prove otherwise.

Pope Francis!  Again, I beg you, please do something about this.


~ by caitfinnegan on May 6, 2014.

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