Vestal Virgins

I wrote to Pope Francis last week.  I asked him to look at this issue of sexually abusive nuns being harbored by their communities while the Leadership Conference of Women Religious simply refuse to deal with victim/survivor groups.    I told him about…


Vestal Virgins

Vestal Virgins cheating on the side

Mocking their vows they can’t abide

Sleeping together, courting young girls

Keeping their facade before the world.


Giving up men was not their plan

but to hide from the world and hide from man.

Mocking the holy ones who give their lives

Who give up children and their role as wives.


They prey in their convents

They prey in their schools

They prey in their churches

They prey upon fools.

They prey upon children

They prey upon girls

These Godless women

Whose passion unfurls!


Yet hidden they stay protected by those

whose goodness would blind them to their victims’ woes.

They say “How could this be? Not one of our own!

Oh we would have stopped them had we only known!”


The temple needs purging of lust and of lies

that the Church might now heal the victim who cries.

Begone Satan’s dear ones while innocents pray

for your souls and your victims. It’s Christ you betray!


Copyright 1995, Cáit Finnegan



I pray the pope will tell them to step up to the plate regarding their moral obligation to victims of sexual abuse by their own.


~ by caitfinnegan on April 6, 2014.

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