Passed Time to Pay Attention to the Study on Sexually Abused Nuns

Passed Time to Pay Attention to the Study on Sexually Abused Nuns

Yeah, I know, I’m harping on this, but tough!  It is passed time to do the math on this study–which went ignored.

The stats on how many abuse victims go on in life to abuse others (30%) is out there. ( )  The population of nuns in the USA peaked in 1965 at 180,000 then plunged to 56,000 in 2010  ( ).

The estimate of how many youth each abuser abuses is out there. This requires minimal math skills, along with a reality check regarding who had the most interaction with youth in the Church!  The portion of those victims who do go on to abuse others needs to be evaluated without being terrified of the outcome and what it says about why the LCWR REFUSES to address this issue with victims of religious communities/orders or with S.N.A.P.  Ignoring it doesn’t make it disappear, and only underscores the hypocrisy of vowed religious women demanding social justice in the Church or the world, or ridiculing the bishops on their own horrors of administration regarding sexual abuse while they, the nuns, ignore their own victims!  Sweet smiles and pious rhetoric does not change the reality that these orders house sexual abusers in their midst.

Let’s look at some math.

180,000 nun in 1965 in the US.

40% of 180,000 of nuns in 1965  =  72,000 who were themselves sexually abused.  This is very sad.

30% of that 72,000 who were abused who are likely to go on to abuse others =  21,600.  OMG.

Frankly, I’d suggest (only as a personal opinion because of the good nuns I know) that many of those 21,600 abused would be hesitant to abuse others, repeating the cycle, because of the tremendous Catholic guilt/fear of hell, sincere holiness, and the reality of sexual ignorance among religious women of that era.  That’s me being kind.  The point is that if we start with 21,600 and eliminate even half of them…then what?  Let’s get real, people.  Stop being duped by smiles and silence.

Let’s go on with the math, though.  IF 21,600 abusers were hidden among the 180,000 nuns in the mid-60’s, how many youth did each one abuse?  Approximately from the educated guesses of the shrinks who study this disorder?  It’s all in the math, and it’s all ignored.  Deafening silence from the LCWR.

OK  You’ll need to excuse the brevity of this blog tonight.  I need to go vomit.


~ by caitfinnegan on February 25, 2014.

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