Silent Sisters

(You can hear the MP3 of this song on this site)

C. 2003 Cait Finnegan

Silent Sisters secrets keep,
while victims cry at bishops’ feet.
You! so loud before the crowd
to scream for justice in the street!

Silent Sisters’ secrets! Queer,
your own victims you do not hear.
Avant garde without regard!
Look now within and face your fear.

Silent Sisters, secrets kill
your own victims, while you are still.
Vestal queens, chaste but in dreams,
yet, while your lust in dark fulfill.

Silent Sisters’ secrets told
today by children, grown too old,
expose the lie that caused to die
the innocence of the fold.

Silent Sisters, secrets passed
adult to child can never last.
Shepherds teach us by their breach
of Charity, while stones you cast!

Silent Sisters’ secrets known
cause Church and Spirit both to groan.
You despise the bishops’ lies?
From your glass cloister, cast no stone!


~ by caitfinnegan on February 21, 2014.

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