Silence Lifted

These days a couple of things happened to encourage me to address the issue of sexual abuse by nuns again.  I don’t write about it all the time, not because it has “gone away” or is “dealt with” but because it is so painful.  I must process and live, and function, while never forgetting the roots of the wounds.  I can live with the scars, but try not to pick at the scabs.  Sometimes, though, events rock my boat a bit, and I must address it to maintain stability emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

I am now 62 years old.  I’ve suffered from PTSD and anxiety most of my adult life.  Simply reading about that condition or worse, abuse by nuns, can affect me profoundly and I must be vigilant to take care of myself.   The National Catholic Reporter published an article which rattled my nerves, while at the same time giving me some encouragement that the nuns were not going to be permitted to hide in their glass convents much longer, while throwing stones at the bishops re their handling of sexual misconduct and abuse by priests.  “Judge: Sisters need to investigate abuse allegations” got me excited because a judge recognized the deafening silence by nuns!

Another effort by former and current priests and religious is an encouraging step and hopefully will give much needed support to those abused by nuns.  It is called CATHOLIC WHISTLEBLOWERS.  I am delighted at their efforts.  Seems they are sick of the arrogant silence and denial as well, and that’s a good thing.

I have a few things to do in the coming weeks to take care of my personal health, and I admit that I’m attacked by anxiety.  But the difference is I’m trying to take control and fight back.  Knowing that there is a serious support system growing for those abused by nuns is an encouragement to fight back.

I hope those of you who have suffered such abuse will look up Catholic Whistleblowers and share some of your steam with them.  It could help you, and many others.  I intend to do so.







~ by caitfinnegan on August 10, 2013.

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