Markey’s Betrayal of 1/3 of Those Abused!

The New York Times wrote that Assemblywoman Markey has revised her bill which was originally intended to give those who have been sexually abused a chance at justice, healing, and some sense of control over their lives by holding those who abused them accountable.

Not only did she add the revision to include those abused in public schools, which was a positive thing, but she added that the cut-off for those allowed a year window to justice would be age 53.

For years I have prayed, and waited for NY State to come of age and offer victims true justice.  I was certain Assemblywoman Markey “got it” and by sticking to her guns would trail blaze through the political mire and Church stonewalling  for those of us who have been abused to finally have our day in court.  My heart is broken.

She has, by adding this cut-off age, re-offended those abused and carrying the wounds and scars the very LONGEST!

This change has all the earmarks of a woman who has been threatened.

All of them!

Now, I pray the bill is squashed…which is the intent of those who threatened her because they KNEW those of us who need this bill the most and who’ve prayed the longest for it would now turn against it–as would ANY NY State senator who has any compassion or sense of justice in this issue.

I pray now that this fails as it has been revised, or that the legislature sees through the hardball tactics and revises it AGAIN to return to an opportunity for justice for the VICTIMS.

If this bill passes as it currently reads NY State will be screwing victims AGAIN, in addition to the abuse by the Church.

Those who oppose justice for ALL victims have never had their children raped or molested–or, beware, maybe they just don’t know about it yet!  It takes decades for it to be faced, as we know.

Cait Finnegan


~ by caitfinnegan on June 7, 2009.

One Response to “Markey’s Betrayal of 1/3 of Those Abused!”

  1. Now, here is the difficulty as I see it for those of us dealing with religious communities rather than diocesan priests ….. the wall I ran into was that members of communities do not fall directly under the authority of the Bishop except as their local “Ordinary” …. these “fights” then, take place with Rome …. I just finally lost the energy and no longer wanted this issue to be central in my life. Let alone the fact that my circumstances were not in a school, but within the convent as a novice.

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