Sexual Abuse By Nuns? Yeah…Sad but true.

I fully understand that the topic of this blog is not going to be popular, and for that I am thankful.  If it were something people would enjoy hearing about, something that would NOT be shocking then it would make it all the more sad.  Still, unwelcomed news or not, it is a reality, and one that has been ignored, and overshadowed by the sexual abuse by male religious and clergy.  Abuse by women is generally not something expected, and often not believed.

I begin this blog, on this topic for those reasons–it is not expected and believed by many.  Others,  who in some part of their mind know it happens, simply just don’t want it to be true…  All of this is understandable, as religious women are perceived as the last bastion of purity to which the Church can cling during these scandalous times.  But, in truth, that is not so.  There is One to Whom we can cling Who is Perfect, and because of that we can deal with the imperfect in life.

Many people who have been abused by nuns hesitate to talk about it.  Women hesitate more than men.  I’m still learning about all the reasons, and all the dynamics involved.  Sexual abuse leaves scars that last for life.  Dealing with those wounds and scars, and surviving through daily life is a challenge for many of us.  Silence sometimes is a kind of defense which allows victims to hide from the pain (for a while).  Knowing only silence, they can get to feel comfortable with what they know.  Never knowing the freedom of stepping out of that circle of pain, it is a fearful first step.  I hope this blog will help others do just that.  I also hope it might raise awareness of this terrible reality, lost in the midst of other terrible abuse scandals.


~ by caitfinnegan on June 6, 2009.

One Response to “Sexual Abuse By Nuns? Yeah…Sad but true.”

  1. I was abused by a nun in the 1st grade on 2 occasions. She made believe that I had done something that required discipline. After school she took me into the nurse’s office and made me take down my pants and then proceeded to spank me. this was back in the late 60’s and I always thought there was something strange about it. After spending the last 15 years in and out of therapy it finally hit me a number of years ago that she was a sexual pervert and this had been a form of sexual abuse. Anyone else out there have any similar experiences?


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