New York State Statute of Limitations War

The current news in NY State is that the Bill introduced by Assemblywoman Markey from Queens, NYC  is being fought by the Church because it was seen to be unfair by addressing only abuse victims of private schools (the public schools being protected by some English law from ancient history).  So, Assemblywoman Markey has taken them at their word that the Church really is concerned for fairness and justice for ALL children and not only Catholic victims!  Good on her…she changed her bill to reflect the concerns of the Church!  Ha!

Will the bishops back down now that all children will be protected by this proposed bill?  Or is she calling their bluff and letting them paint themselves into a moral corner with their own words which have stated this bill, with its one year window for law suits, would bankrupt the Church?   I think the latter.

The concern over bankruptcy is real.  The bishops know this.  They have calculators!  They can do the math.  They start by saying, OK We have X number of sexual abusers in our midst.  Multiply that by the average number of victims such abusers generally have in a lifetime of their “work” and then subtract from that subtotal those victims who are strong enough today, who have the support system in place to publicly state the truth about the horror of their youth, and BINGO!  You’ve got bankruptcy!  That is how they are telling us there are SO MANY ABUSERS!!!  That even those few who have the strength finally to come forward would be cause for the financial ruin of the Church in NY State.  (You don’t believe that for one minute do you?  Nah, it’s just to make us feel bad, you know.)

So, we see from this fear of financial ruin that the bishops know full well about the abusers in their midst!  They are preparing for it to come out, that’s all.  But they know because many of us have already reported the abuse.  It just has not been made public because the civil law protects the abusers.

Well, while they are doing the math, I suggest they consider other numbers.  First there are the numbers of tears shed by victims and their families.  There are the number of sleepless nights over many years.  There are the number of pills taken to function or numb pain.  There are the number of drinks taken to forget.  There are the number of days in school or work missed. There are the number of jobs lost.  There are the number of bills unpaid because of disfunction.  There are the number of divorces because of intimacy issues.  There are the number of hospitalizations for mental breakdowns.  There are the numbers of suicides for those who lost hope.  There are the number of continued tears through the years and into old age.

They will need powerful calculators to tally all that, if they care to, that is.

You can read about the recent change in the bill here:


~ by caitfinnegan on June 6, 2009.

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